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What our clients have to say about us

Todd C., Co-Owner

“Michael organizes us in creative ways that we haven’t thought of.”

Todd C., Co-OwnerTransition Health Benefits
John K., President

“I have been working with Michael and his company since April, and cannot speak highly enough about their skill, insight and ability to deliver.  We are engaged in a full rebranding of my company, and as different hair on fire issues surface, Michael and his crew have been amazing in their ability to turn on a dime and help me resolve them.  I believe fully in the value that Michael and his company bring to my organization.”

John K., PresidentAccenting Chicago Events & Tours, Inc.
Jim H., President

“Outstanding!  We started using iBG in August, 2013.  Their entire business and indeed everyone on their team are enthusiasticinnovative – and totally in sync with the most up-to-date design, establishment and marketing of their client’s brand.  I can’t say enough about their dedication and hard work – and the results achieved.  First rate!”

Jim H., PresidentMilwaukee Polo Club
Jon O., President

“We have been working with IBG for almost a year creating our brand from the inside out.  They are helping to project our brand to clients and prospects on the outside especially with social media.  Equally as important, they are helping our team learn to “livethe brand from the inside.  I see great potential for our team to continue to grow and improve as we move forward with IBG.”

Jon O., PresidentAmerican Advantage Insurance
Carolyn M.

“The session was great! Michael’s presentation received very good ratings from our follow up survey and the buzz was that members felt like they really learned something and loved the interaction. One of my super tough customers said that it is was really good. I will be happy to recommend him to other chapters at our fall conference if you would like. Thanks so much for everything!”

Carolyn M.CMAA-Philadelphia Chapter
Jeff T., President - Western Great Lakes Region

“Your ideas, support, energy and willingness to jump on board with our huge task helped me more than you’ll ever know. Your presence allowed me to be calm, think through the process and you were a tremendous sounding board to verbally and mentally sort out the tasks at hand. You helped me formulate the plan for sales and the press which both came off the best that I could have hoped.”

Jeff T., President - Western Great Lakes RegioniHeartMedia

The Book: Live Your Brand

What readers are saying

Pleasant Departure

I found this a pleasant departure from the monotonous and boring books that tend to populate the money and business section. LIVE concepts, illustrations, and explanations are interspersed with light-hearted personal stories and real life examples that kept me engaged and entertained. I especially enjoyed how business success was analogues to the author’s agricultural experiences. As a sole proprietor and one man shop, the concepts are helpful, and I see this being even more useful for those involved at all levels in multiple employee businesses.

~ Matthew M

Real and Organic

Your parallels to learning languages, cultural influences and cultivating relationships with horses, was excellent. It created a solid foundation for your credentials and contributed immensely to the authenticity of you and your skills (of which you acquired through real organic life experiences).

~ Dustin C

To read more testimonials about the book and how to purchase, visit our dedicated webpage here. Also, be sure to watch the fun promo video!