Was Vince Lombardi Right that Winning is the Only Thing?

I am 51 years old, and in a writing career spanning more than 25 years, I continue to write in relative obscurity. On average maybe 10 or 20 people read each one, maybe no one. And as far as I can tell, my writing only travels short distances.

Burnout & Engagement PART 2

“Two recent studies, one by Deloitte and one by the Society for Human Resource Management, surveyed top human resource and C Suite executives about the No. 1 thing they want to work on and the responses were corporate culture and employee engagement,” says Kevin Sheridan, a self-described “serial entrepreneur” who has started three different companies, […]

Burnout & Engagement PART 1

“High-achieving professionals everywhere are maxed out, addicted to being busy and overwhelmed,” says Paula Davis Laack, an internationally-published writer, recovering lawyer, and a burnout and resilience expert.  “Keeping busy at all costs is the cultural status quo, but the drive to do more is impacting our families, our work, and our health.  The result of […]