Don’t let your Standard Operational Procedures (or the lack thereof) haunt your company
October 7, 2016
An iBG Original Post
by Samantha L Weber

When an owner feels frustrated with their company, often times it can be the direct result of the quality of their Standard Operational Procedures. Standard Operational Procedures, or SOPs, play a large role in a company’s brand, culture, profitability and performance. SOPs provide clear, concise management expectations to employees so they have the knowledge of what is required to do their job. Yet, many business owners are too busy working within their company that they fail to recognize the needs to work on their company’s strategy and growth. SOPs that are outdated, incomplete or non-existent lead to higher turnover rates, low employee morale and reduce productivity.

What if you could enhance each employee’s potential for professional growth while maximizing your company’s productivity at the same time? Having a standardized process in place that allows for individual growth has been known to boost morale and reshape positive business cultures. Likewise, turnover costs are drastically reduced as the company becomes an employer of choice where employees stay with the company longer. The key is not just to have standards in place but to train employees in those standards and to ensure the standards are current with the times. No employee wants to adhere to procedures that were written decades ago. People relate to Standard Operating Procedures that coincide with the times and policies they had a hand in writing or updating.

Over the last decade, iBG has helped many companies take the next step in positive growth. We start with bringing each department into the process so they feel their voices have been heard and take a sense of ownership and pride in the company. Once standard policies are created and approved by management, we work with teams to create job descriptions and evaluations unique to the individuals and their responsibilities.  This process keeps employees accountable by providing clear definitions, objectives and expectations for proper implementation and delivery of the company’s brand. By integrating the brand strategy with the new standardized procedures, we establish the ideal marriage between a company’s identity and operations.

Don’t let your company’s culture or standards grow cobwebs. Dust them off, review them, enhance them and finally implement them in a positive manner to give your business that extra boost.