Strategic Planning

What are the future GOALS of your organization?

Your Vision, the Target you want to achieve. Articulate the Strategy with the What’s, How’s, Where’s & When’s to make the Strategy a Plan of Action. The Strategic Plan is summarized into the “How Much” or the financial results to expect with the Strategy.

Create your Strategic Plan

1-3 year Planning Horizon
Overall Company and by Divisions/Sectors
Test the Strategic Plan – can it be achieved?
Understand risks & rewards
Deploy your Strategy into your organization by utilizing a formal deployment process
Define Targets, Measures, Accountabilities & link to performance.

Internal Branding

How important is your workplace CULTURE?

Your brand is your company’s language. It encompasses every aspect of your business and its culture. When team members know a company’s language, effective and efficient communication becomes possible. As with any foreign language, true learning does not happen by reading a text book or taking a class. Learning comes from a full immersion into the culture, living in it constantly, consistently, continuously. The same is true with developing and utilizing a company brand.

Build your Brand Identity
Create your brand language
Become brand fluent


Do your employees UNDERSTAND WHY they do their work?

Clear, concise management expectations provide employees with the knowledge of what is required to do their job.

Integrate brand strategy with procedures to establish the ideal marriage between your Identity and Operations.

Create Department Models
Standardize Policies & Procedures
Construct a Company Playbook
Define Roles & Responsibilities
Implement an Evaluation Process


How do your CUSTOMERS describe your company?

Marketing speaks to buyers and interested audiences. The Creative Strategy provides a long-term roadmap of optimal marketing messages & communication methods that are best suited for engaging targeted audiences. This Strategy sets the tone, the guidelines and over-arching themes of marketing components that will be executed through various marketing channels.

Creative Strategy & Business Marketing are tactical.

  • Envision Creative Concepts
  • Review Yearly Events
  • Develop Campaigns
  • Create the Elements
  • Deploy Creative Marketing
  • Speaking Engagements

    We provide clear, concise learning objectives along with robust presentation materials.


    An organization’s identity is the core foundation of their brand. Branding is a strategic expression of a company’s value, its personality, and what the organization stands for. A Brand Strategy tells the world what a company or organization is all about. It’s how a company wants their clients and employees to think about their organization.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Provide a cohesive language to implement into your culture.
    • Construct an enticing, unique brand that differentiates you from other competitors.
    • Asses and develop staff to convey the message of the brand and establish their performance standard.
    • Articulate messaging to make marketing more effective.


    Clear management expectations provide employees with the knowledge of what is required to do their job. Standard operational processes and procedures set the expectation for employees in their roles. They are the standards that hold employees accountable to the work that is required. Performance evaluation is the method by which job performance is evaluated against the Expectation and Standards.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Provide clear definitions and objectives for proper implementation and delivery of your brand.
    • Construct a robust and comprehensive playbook for all participants within your brand to live.
    • Identify and articulate a direction for staff to focus their performance.


    With just six hours of your time, fully discover the potential of YOU!

    Grow Your Self, Your Career, Your Brand

    When individuals discover their own, unique potential and then find themselves in an environment conducive to both personal and professional success, those individuals will want to stay and grow with the company. This maintains better acquisition and retention rates as well as boosts sales.  NOW the individual is motivated and will perform optimally.

    Schedule six one-hour sessions in as little as six weeks or if a more flexible schedule is needed, span the sessions over as many as four months. With this service you will receive:

    • One-on-One Facilitations
    • Assistance in building your brand
    • Direction on how to express your brand and tell your story
    • A Guided Workbook
    • Your Personal Brand Strategy
    • One free annual reassessment

    If you are looking to…

    • Fit into your workplace culture
    • Flourish within your current environment
    • Advance your position
    • Stand out among your peers
    • Change jobs
    • Get promoted
    • Be noticed

    Ideal for You!

    • College Graduates
    • Young Professionals
    • Managers or Directors
    • C-Suite Executives

    Board Governance

    What expectations do you require and how do you hold them accountable?

    No member should be asleep at the wheel. We help your Board to understand the role of a well-performing Board, individual director roles & accountabilities, governance structure & scope, clear policies, & communication with company leadership.

    Make sure your Board is helping your company… the way it should.

    • Develop an Org Chart
    • Define Board Member Roles & Responsibilities
    • Document Standardized Policies & Procedures
    • Enhance Current Practices & Communications