Private Club


Case Study #001

Background: A 125 year old exclusive club that prides itself on maintaining the wonderful historic past and membership practices. At the same time, the club has become stagnate in offerings, image, service and membership.

Opportunity: To turn a non-profitable, loyal-to-tradition organization into a lively, growing and creative organization while maintaining key elements of successful historic practices. The Board of Directors engaged integrated Brand Group to help improve the business.

Steps: iBG began working with the management team to create the Club’s Brand Identity and overall Brand Strategy. This is the organization’s foundation or who they are, their personality. With the foundation in place, work continued using iBG’s patented processes to surface opportunities for enhancing the overall brand while integrating the brand into the operations of the Club, department by department.

During this time, many issues were surfaced regarding the skill-set and performance of the General Manager. After a few months, the General Manager was terminated and a new General Manager was put in place. The new General Manager was eager to engage in improving the overall operation and enjoyed the partnership with iBG.

The Operational branding improvements continued while focus was placed on marketing the new Brand Strategy. Working with the Club, iBG developed a Creative Direction which is a 12 month view of how the Club engages their members. This tool continues to be utilized on a weekly basis through many different marketing channels.

Summary: After 12 months, the Club was at a break-even level, membership activity had never been higher, and attendance at Club events increased 30%. iBG is continuing the engagement partnership with this client to achieve bold targets of growth and profitability.