Personal & Commercial Insurance Company 


Case Study #002

Background: This customer is a mid-size, multi-location insurance company serving all insurance needs except healthcare. With a partnership split, the remaining owner knew he needed to create a positive and accountable culture within his entire organization in order to grow the business. He knew that changes inside the organization were needed.

Opportunity: Both organic and acquisition growth was possible. The owner knew that the company could increase their customer base and add products to existing customers’ portfolios at the same time. With the new culture in place, growth would be easy.

Steps: We followed the iBG process with creating the brand identity and strategy. Taking the brand promise and injecting it into the company’s operations was key. Including employees in every step of creating and formalizing processes and procedures, a new positive culture was built. This led to holding people accountable to newly created revenue goals, cross-selling, improved client communication, and overall improved productivity.

iBG leaders worked top down and bottom up with the sales team, customer service, and administrative staff to create standard processes and procedures for each team member, with job descriptions, specific goals and definitions of success along with individual performance reviews. The new operational processes and procedures were fully integrated into the departmental structure and intersecting work. Policies and procedures were created at the same time for communications and information tracking.

Summary: Over 11 months, a jump on the organizational transformation has taken shape. The overall team was relieved they would have much better clarity on their roles and accountabilities and authority to act. Staff members are agreeing to combine best practices and they are excited to volunteer and champion projects for the betterment of the team and company. The iBG integrated Business Branding process is almost completed for the first location and will be moving on to the second location. We will leverage the work completed at the first location into the organization of the second. This will speed the edification of processes and procedures, implementation and results. In between work at each location, iBG is helping the owner with a Strategic Growth Plan.