Exclusive Bridal Boutique

Fashion & Retail

Case Study #004

Background: A smart executive with years of business experience always dreamed of opening an exclusive bridal boutique. The time was right to live the dream.

Opportunity: Having completed a market and competitor analysis, it was clear that a high-end boutique for brides only was needed. The new bridal boutique would be different from many others as the focus is on the entire experience for the bride.

Steps: With a solid business background, the entrepreneur knew the boutique’s best chance at success would come from building standard policies and operational procedures from the start. iBG was hired to partner with the owner to implement these processes and to provide creative and operational guidance as the business opened and through the first year of operation. During the operational design phase, it became evident the brand strategy and marketing approach needed to be upgraded. The scope of work for this client included clarity of brand, website enhancements, writing policies for several departments, defining employee roles and responsibilities and implementing an employee performance evaluation. Throughout this process, the owner was able to truly define her leadership role.

Summary: Clarity of roles led to restructuring the organization during the first few months of operation. The boutique has been a wild success, surpassing all initial six-month and one-year milestones on sales and profit. This is a great example on how entrepreneurs must plan and create all aspects of the business prior to opening. This up front work to truly understand the business identity and brand, the operational processes and staff roles and accountabilities, will lead to fast success.