Private Athletic Club


Case Study #005

Background: A metropolitan athletic and dining club located in the heart of a thriving city, full of rich traditions and a robust history. However, this club knew it hadn’t reached its full potential in maximizing the use of their space.

Opportunity: To turn a beautifully designed yet rarely used room into a thriving night scene, a place for members to be entertained. 

Steps: It often starts with the brand; this case was no different. This barely branded room didn’t need a new look; it needed a new message. While referencing the overall well-established company brand, a new brand strategy was built specifically for this unique room. Many great thoughts were brought to the table in a collaborative effort by the iBG team and the company’s own employees. As a result, the employees truly felt heard and appreciated which boosted their morale as they began to take ownership and pride in their work.

After much brainstorming, the team began to prioritize their ideas to come up with a great plan for member assisted nights of entertainment to take place in this unique, yet rarely utilized room. Members were able to choose and sponsor their own bands for a Friday evening while the house provided wine and cheese. Each detail was not only delicately planned but also phenomenally executed. It was a huge success for getting staff and members alike involved in the club, eager to participate.

Summary: Not only does the club have a beautiful, recurring event for members to enjoy while keeping operating costs at a minimum, but the use of the space in this way has created a great “buzz” amongst members and non-members alike. This created a natural, simple way for the club to gain more publicity in the community at large. Weekly revenue and member attendance grew as a result as well as it strengthened the internal culture of the club.