Men’s Fashion


Case Study #006

Background: A boutique specializing in men’s fashion that takes care to use the finest quality materials in order to provide men with exceptional clothing. However, the boutique struggled to achieve online sales goals.

Opportunity: To increase foot traffic to the store, increase website traffic and to project the brand to a refined target audience. In addition, educating the audience of the quality of the brand was of utmost importance. The owner needed to focus on working ON his business instead of merely working IN his business.

Steps: It was clear the website needed the most attention. This brand needed to stop bleeding and the biggest thing hurting the brand was in fact, the website. It was determined that a completely new website with a foundation in the newly refined brand was absolutely necessary. For email marketing, the initiative was taken to research other leading men’s fashion, well-established brands for inspiration.

Summary: A brand new website on a completely different platform was built in a rapidly short amount of time. This was a drastic enhancement compared to the site that had previously existed, as the new site was both visually and contextually now in tune with the company’s brand and future. The website became more manageable in relation to the skillset of the staff.