Wellness Clinic

Health Care

Case Study #007

Background: A group of independent practitioners such as yoga instructors, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and massage therapists, co-exist in one building and sharing administrative staff and other resources.

Opportunity: To engage the group in thinking critically about what they have and the difference between having a unified brand versus having a tenancy.

Steps: First, we had to engage the executive team in a robust assessment to understand where the current brand stands. This included goal setting activities in order for them to understand what level of engagement each practitioner is at mentally, physically and where they would like to take their respective brand/practice in the future.

From these meetings, we were then able to conduct specific research and presented the collection of information to the executive team while coaching them on how to interpret and respond to the practitioner feedback, professionally and constructively.

With this information at the forefront of all the practitioners minds, we conducted a team activity to determine one overall objective for the group in order to facilitate a determination to either move ahead as a group under one brand or continue separately. From this exercise, we designed a preliminary road map for the entire team to be aware of what steps it would take to achieve this goal. This enlightened the practitioners and executive team on where all participants stand and what really is offered at the practice.

Summary: The group’s eyes were opened to see what it would take for them to merge as a team. They were shown statistics, facts and the necessary steps required to come together as a team to emulate one brand or make the decision to continue on as individual practices.