Health Insurance Company


Case Study #008

Background: A health insurance company with over 25 years of experience working with individual, Medicare and small group health and dental, offering a broad range of plan choices.

Opportunity: To take an unstructured sales force that has been functioning prosperously with even more room to prosper. Shifting a culture to think more strategically and long-term as opposed to reacting in crisis mode.

Steps: We started by holding team meetings to connect and engage all staff members. In these meetings, we were able to determine and design an organizational structure. Sellers and support members were tasked to come up with goals and benchmarks for each individual to achieve. With these new goals set, the culture began to operate at supporting strengths and not weaknesses.

Summary: The disconnect between sales activity and support was finally repaired. This repair fostered a much better and more strategic way of growing each book of business through scaling each seller versus acquiring new sellers. As a result of the steps taken, the team became more aware of how to function as a unit to achieve optimal growth.