Case Study #009

Background: A biofeedback therapist looking to grow their practice and willing to explore additional sources of revenue.

Opportunity: The therapist was asked to speak at a world conference held in Greece regarding their discipline. This opened the door to maximize speaking engagements as an additional revenue source and referral source opportunity.

Steps: A presentation rich in content to engage the audience is precisely what was needed to make this speaking engagement a success. iBG guided the therapist through a series of exercises regarding Branding and Story Telling which provided them a language of their own to speak about. They rehearsed until they became fluent in the language of their brand and the presentation was then usable for countless speaking engagements yet to come.

Summary: Initially, the therapist had a lot of anxiety about speaking to a large audience. iBG promised that if they were able to tell a story in their own words, their own language, it would increase their comfort and fluidity while decreasing anxiety. With the presentation designed and helpful exercises conducted, the therapist was able to perform the presentation with malleable tweaks at over a dozen speaking engagements within two years since the first opportunity in Greece. This has enabled them to raise awareness of their practice and garnered even more speaking engagement opportunities and increased revenue.