Personal & Commercial Insurance Company


Case Study #010

Background: A mid-size, multi-location insurance company serving all property and casualty insurance needs.

Opportunity: The President/Owner needed leverage to optimize the functionality of his company. Acting as multiple positions within the company did not enable the opportunity to grow. This also supported decisions on aligning current staff with more appropriate positions and career development opportunities. The opportunity to build their strategic plan was clear.

Steps: The team became a part of the overall plan. This provided them the ability to offer feedback and develop into becoming brand ambassadors. The transparent conversations gave employees a sense of ownership and understanding that they were truly valued as part of the team. A redesign of the org chart was established to properly place skilled employees and kick off the strategic planning. Upon the completion of structured departments, we implemented one-on-one department forums with aligned system evaluations and agendas, respective to each department. This communication plan enabled complete autonomy for the owner to be leveraged.

Summary: Often times, owners are troubled with not wanting to disrupt their environment that they avoid the very issues that need to be addressed. Strategic planning offers the opportunity to map all the details out in a very clear fashion. These details include but are not limited to analysis of the current state of an organization, roles and responsibilities of various positions, as well as, company goals and individual targets. The key to all of these details is alignment. It is imperative to align the brand identity with how it needs to be operated in order to optimize all the participants within the culture to live the brand.