Case Study #011

Background: A retail department store focused on men’s fashion was struggling with ineffective email marketing campaigns. Campaigns took too long to create, were not being executed in a timely manner nor were they effective. What they lacked was a solid, consistent process. 

Opportunity: There was great potential to grow their customer base and strengthen relationships with existing customers by implementing an appropriate, refined process.

Steps: The initial step was to create an Ad Outlook. This tool provided the client an annual view of all events and opportunities within the client’s scope of business but also included events and opportunities trending in the market and culture surrounding the business.

Extensive research was conducted to showcase what similar, successful businesses did for their own email campaigns. This research was reviewed with the client’s marketing team as inspiration for preparing their own email marketing templates. In addition, we documented a new operating procedure with an extensive exhibit to help streamline and optimize email marketing. This exhibit included several unique email templates consisting of subject lines, header lines, feature images, content spaces, designated place for a call to action and footer sections. Each template was then expanded to include multiple, similar variations.

Summary: Email campaigns could now be drafted on an instant notice to drive revenue. They could also be designed months in advance to help plan and forecast goals in conjunction with upcoming events. This process helped prevent mishaps that occur when rushing to build revenue generating email campaigns. Once implemented, revenue increased dramatically as a direct result of the new email campaigns.