Architectural Firm


Case Study #012

Background: A very successful architectural and design company that has been running, functioning and growing for many years. However, the three co-owners are beginning to transition into new and different life stages. Faced with both questions and opportunities of how to continue daily operations of their company while balancing unique lives outside the corporate world.

Opportunity: Exploration. Engagement. Discovery. Take three professionally involved leaders and add deep-rooted friendship to the mix. They are so integrated with their company’s daily operations that the future direction of the business is not being discussed nearly enough. They’ve built a strong culture that is unified enough to keep business moving forward, but too many questions remained. Where are we going as individuals? As a company? Are we working the smartest? Are we able to continue at this capacity and at this age for much longer? If not, how are we going to transition?

Steps: A unified decision was made to engage in iBG’s Strategic Planning program starting with the first of three exercises, the Target Exercise. This engaged the principals, surfaced an abundance of questions and allowed us to analyze, hear and see what questions were the same amongst them, and which were different. A series of complex, diverse, and much needed conversations were finally being conducted. The approach was comfortable, accommodating and has evoked the ability to talk about life outside of work. The principals allowed themselves to pause their day and focus on the things they’d been putting off or were simply not thinking of, nor making much progress on. iBG provided a safe forum for the principals to express a variety of thoughts and helped them put these items into an action plan. Ultimately, they became supported in their desire to achieve great results.

Summary: In the first of three Strategic Planning exercises, this client has already seen much success. A stronger bond has been formed along with great motivation to strengthen their culture and grow their company to new heights. Stay tuned to hear the results and successes of the second phase in iBG’s Strategic Planning process as the principals engage in the Focus Exercise.