DMC Service


Case Study #014

Background: This company had a decent book of business that was stable but not growing, as there wasn’t much effort put towards activity to increase sales. There was some concern about the structure, positions and expectations of the current talent. Which raised the question: are team members properly aligned and enabling company growth?

Opportunity: There was definitely the opportunity for growth and success but it required the mindset of all team members to be open and willing to engage in new practices. The executive team had to explore the possibility of reshaping the organization’s talent by shifting their objectives, roles and responsibilities.

Steps: The initial step was to engage in a deep dive in order to surface and become aware of what the daily roles and routines of each team member was. Everything was broken down to a granular level. We had to assess and determine which action items performed by team members were truly necessary and relevant to sustain and grow the company. Any actions that weren’t relevant had to be eliminated, as they did not directly increase revenue.

Next, we had to work together to rebuild and reshape what these individual positions should truly look like. It became clear which action items were necessary to the growth of the company and we were able to align these actions within proper roles and positions. Now we were ready to make adjustments to our team and thus open up opportunities for new, dedicated talent with specific skill sets, willingness and ability to optimize those roles and responsibilities.

Summary: Collectively, we produced new road maps that spelled out very clearly how the use of fewer personnel could make more of an impact and a difference in the growth of the company. We were able to reduce expenses and saw a huge percentage in growth as a result, bringing the company out of the red for the first time in over a year! Additionally, it also gave us the ability to add new personnel and new talent who have robust, effective skill sets as opposed to just having a team of taskmasters.