Personal & Commercial Insurance Company


Case Study #016

Background: When an owner or owners are very integrated and involved with the day-to-day operations and service delivery of their company they are often faced with the challenge of balancing how much they work ON the business versus how much they work IN the business. Working in the business and juggling multiple roles can be a way to help a company get through a transitional phase. During this transition, certain passions and talents can and should be shifted to other employees. This provides the opportunity to mentor others and lead by example. However, at some point an owner needs to let go of the reins. If that doesn’t occur, then growth tends to be stunted because talent is not being optimized and the owner is going for total burnout.

Opportunity: Often times an owner doesn’t want to relinquish all the hats they wear because they fear no one is as committed or capable as they are. The truth is, however, letting some things go actually paves the way for overall company growth, individual career and talent development as well as enhancement of the workplace environment thus creating a healthier culture. 

Steps: iBG brainstormed with this client in order to break down and determine the various disciplines within respective areas of business. From there, we were able to standardize the operating procedures within each discipline and align those standards with various personnel and their individual skillsets. We were then able to identify how to appropriately structure the environment in order to cultivate growth and strengthen the people underneath owners to perform at the same standard the owners operate at. By raising expectations, the team’s confidence and assurance was also raised thus helping them to truly live the brand.

Summary: The type of transition a company goes through can vary widely from owners retiring to employees motioning to buy owners out or simply to employees taking on new tasks, alleviating the pressure on the owners. Strategizing and realigning roles and responsibilities through our systematic approach helps tremendously with transition planning at all levels of the organization. It is through these strategic transitions that growth for the company and individuals is truly possible. This gives the owners the ability to comfortably pass the work to their staff with peace of mind, knowing the staff has been mentored and will conduct the work at the same standard as the owner.