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Case Study #017

Background: A primary challenge when writing a company’s brand strategy is getting the people within the culture to speak and act in accordance with the brand. It is a major success when people become fluent in speaking their brand’s language.

Opportunity: In today’s business world, the most promising referrals still come from word of mouth interactions. When every team member within a culture truly lives the brand, there is a synergy created that is autonomously seen by those outside of the organization. With everyone in the company speaking the same language, the company’s rapport builds naturally within a community.

Steps: iBG worked with this client using our proven brand strategy tool. Through the methods of constant, consistent review of the brand strategy, role playing techniques and various exercises for both past experiences and future potential situations, we optimize this tool with all members of the company’s culture. Since no one can learn a new language in a day, likewise, we teach team members to practice using the tool in context on a regular basis and by fully immersing themselves in the culture. To do this, we use various meetings and forums to train and practice using the brand strategy. Then, we incorporate the brand strategy into discussions and share successes in accordance with the brand. We also infuse our communication tool into proposals and pitches so both team members and company documents alike are referencing the brand strategy consistently.

Summary: With everyone speaking the same language, a prospect or client could talk to multiple people within a company and still receive the same overall message. There is power in that.