Health Insurance Company


Case Study #013

Background: Take a consistent, uninterrupted corporate culture, multiply it by many years and what do you get? Stagnancy.

This company was well versed in the day-to-day routines of running the business the same way it had always been run. Over the years, no significant change took place, which in turn also meant no growth. With a team hungry for new success, the foundation for strategic planning took shape.

Opportunity: It was time to disrupt the comfort zone. After several months of information collection, iBG began to acquire intelligence that conveyed discontentment with seller performance, both from executive level and from support level. A drastic difference in individual performance was a must!

Steps: To begin, we had to fully analyze the current process as well as the individual performance of all team members. The optimal performers and under performers were identified and a unique game plan was set in place for each group which included new outreach and prospecting methods. We found our greatest momentum when we began to identify how to support and strengthen the strong performers. The game plan for this group was scaling their time and resources with direct support staff who could help manage these high-level books of business.

As usual, the collection of such information and prioritization of actionable tasks was very lengthy. Therefore, we went at a pace that was very conducive to the executive level, not too fast, but also conducive to the seller’s level, not too slow. This launch of new policies and procedures was very methodical. It focused around involving additional stakeholders by allowing them to provide feedback so they would take ownership of the strategic new plan.

Summary: In short, disruption provides change and change provides opportunities to grow. This company now provides career growth and successful development for current team members. Simultaneously, they have a much clearer understanding of what, how and who to recruit with their enhanced method of onboarding new sellers.