Culture Transformation Team (CTT)

3 Disciplines     |     1 Passion

We are are team of system thinkers and engaged leaders working together with an integrated approach.

  • We listen to learn
  • We bring diversity
  • We improve continuously
  • We take you from here to there

We transform cultures

The integration of our three services is what makes a complete cycle of cultural transformation.

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Organizational Assessments—The common organizational structure is envisioned through its org chart of clearly defined superiors and subordinates, along with a statement of vision, mission and values. But it is easy to miss some of the high-potential and subversive features within a company, association or charity with only two-dimensional representations.

A systems lens envisions the organization as a living organism, enabling the viewer to perceive informal structures and underlying dynamics within the workplace. An organizational hologram can capture the most meaningful connections, leverage points for growth, as well as risk and resilience factors.

The Art of Breakthrough—It is not enough to have the best idea. Nor is it enough to be resourceful. Nearly all of the greatest breakthroughs in every sector of the human experience have relied on integrative practices—bring people together and bringing out their best.

Transforming Conflict—one of the least expensive and underutilized opportunities for individual and organizational growth is an unharvested conflict in the workplace.


Create your Strategic Plan – Your Vision, the Target you want to achieve. Articulate the Strategy with the What’s, How’s, Where’s & When’s to make the Strategy a Plan of Action. The Strategic Plan is summarized into the “How Much” or the financial results to expect with the Strategy.

Your brand is your company’s language. It encompasses every aspect of your business and its culture. When team members know a company’s language, effective and efficient communication becomes possible. As with any foreign language, true learning does not happen by reading a text book or taking a class. Learning comes from a full immersion into the culture, living in it constantly, consistently, continuously. The same is true with developing and utilizing a company brand.

Clear, concise management expectations provide employees with the knowledge of what is required to do their job. Integrate brand strategy with procedures to establish the ideal marriage between your Identity and Operations.


Leadership and Executive Coaching – Effective leadership is dependent upon the quality of relationships.  Coaching cultivates self-awareness, encourages action to experiment with new behaviors and mindsets and promotes alignment with the organizations desired culture and individual leaders core values and beliefs.

Group Coaching – Provides a wide range of organizational and personal benefits.  Participants bring their unique personal and professional backgrounds and share their contribution while developing, trust, collaboration and connection with others.  Group coaching builds interconnectedness and fosters shared decision-making.

The Leadership Circle Profile TM – Provides instant feedback to leaders on what is working, not working and why.  This 360-assessment tool enhances coaching interventions, provides a focused development plan and accelerates understanding of leadership effectiveness. Assessing two primary leadership domains: Creative competencies and Reactive tendencies, leaders gain the awareness needed to unleash creative potential.