ibrandgroup's team



Masters of Integration

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Michael Armeli
Founder, President

Strategic Partnerships

An individual who provides the perfect balance of similar and or complementary skills to get to a mutually beneficial collective vision.

Leadership Coaches

An individual who shares and mentors developing leaders with skills based on the sharing of experience and creativity

Business Development

An individual who embodies a brand in order to speak the language of that brand’s culture while strategically connecting to other brands and building relationships so that when a need for a service is required, it is garnered

Samantha L Weber
Business Manager

Strategic Partnerships

  • Driven
  • Successful
  • Loyal
  • Team players

Leadership Coaches

  • Diverse
  • Multi-modal
  • Flexible
  • Well spoken

Business Development

Balanced both creatively and logically

I have spent my entire career talking about branding being the most important focus in business, as branding is like a language; it needs to be developed, learned and lived until it is fluent. Having produced many successful and powerful brand strategies for a variety of companies, we found ourselves compelled to hold accountable the operations in order to deliver their respective brand promise. For years, I have conveyed and demonstrated the philosophy of marrying the identity of a brand with its operations. Consulting, designing and modeling operational standards come naturally to us. Our focus and our methods are never deviated and our models and approaches are malleable to cultures in various types of industries.

Michael Armeli
President, Founder


iBG nurtures and cultivates leaders through their journey of growth. Growth for every leader is different as their skill sets differ company-to-company, person-to-person, situation-to-situation. In our relationships, we break out as many steps necessary to minimize risk for our clients. These steps are mapped out into precise details to provide security, safety and comfort. We are present and accessible each step of the way to guide and demonstrate every necessary action to stay on course in order to reach their full potential.

INTEGRATED: We are well-versed and knowledgeable at building clarity and setting strategy by integrating all aspects of the business, people, products and services.

BRANDED: We are thorough by designs, determined by facilitation, and proven by methods, bringing new perspectives to motivate leaders to do their best.

GROUPED: We are fun agents of change, approachable mentors, and reliable partners that consistently engage trusting relationships.


  • We are masters of integration
    –  Well-versed with proven methods & tools
    –  Transparent & caring
  • We bring new perspectives
    –  Motivating leaders to do their best
  • We live our brand
    –  Leading & doing

we say, we do…. we LIVE


  • We fully integrate into an organization
    –  We are hands-on & collaborative
    –  We design unified road maps for cultures to thrive

BRAND… unified


  • iBG organizes companies in creative ways not thought of before.
  • iBG Facilitators are enthusiastic, dedicated, innovative and totally in sync with most up-to-date design, establishment and marketing of an organizations brand.
  • The audience learns from iBG and loves their interaction.
  • We recommend iBG to other organizations.
  • We know how to “Live the Brand” because of iBG. This methodology has great potential for any team or organization to grow, improve and move forward.
  • It is worth so much; a transformation in the way people think!