Brand IdentityOperationsOperationsOperations

Do your employees


they do their work?


Clear, concise management expectations provide employees with the knowledge of what is required to do their job.

Integrate brand strategy with procedures to establish the ideal marriage between your Identity and Operations.

  • Create Department Models
  • Standardize Policies & Procedures
  • Construct a Company Playbook
  • Define Roles & Responsibilities
  • Implement an Evaluation Process

Success Stories

One small step for the owner, one giant leap for the business

Success Story #021
Interim Positions
Other Market Sector

Background: Owners of small and sometimes mid-market companies are typically very occupied with running the business, outside of the office. Their customers demand much of their attention as they have face-to-face meetings or are requested to be physically present at job sites. Owners don’t always have the time to properly train new staff members and find themselves trying to squeeze in time to mentor the next person. Typically, in situations when the owner is frequently on the go, their back office tends to fall apart and doesn’t function well without them.

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Trust, it’s Who You Know

Success Story #018
Architectural Company
Other Market Sector

Background: An interested prospect was looking to raise their brand awareness through PR. Having met with several PR agencies, they noticed that every agency said the same thing, except one. This agency shared the strategic concept that every organization, prior to going to market on messaging, should really make sure that their brand is aligned inside and out. This agency expressed the importance of:

  • envisioning a strategic plan for the company’s future goals and objectives,
  • defining the brand’s unique identity and culture,
  • standardizing operational procedures, and
  • developing the culture’s voice into a fluent, well-known language.

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iBrandGroup Case Study Insurance

Don’t Forget to Sell This!

Success Story #015
Health Insurance Company
Insurance Market Sector

Background: When iBG first asked this insurance company questions about forecasting, number of products sold, revenue and sales numbers, we were met with blank stares. It wasn’t that the information couldn’t be provided. It was that key employees didn’t even know where begin to look to find it. There simply was no tool or procedure in place.

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iBrandGroup Case Study Retail

Everybody Loves a Template

Success Story #011
Department Store
Retail Market Sector

Background: A retail department store focused on men’s fashion was struggling with ineffective email marketing campaigns. Campaigns took too long to create, were not being executed in a timely manner nor were they effective. What they lacked was a solid, consistent process.

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iBrandGroup Case Study Retail

Effective Online Selling

Success Story #006
Men’s Fashion Company
Retail Market Sector

Background: A boutique specializing in men’s fashion that takes care to use the finest quality materials in order to provide men with exceptional clothing. However, the boutique struggled to achieve online sales goals.

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iBrandGroup Case Study Entertainment

Sales Restructure 

Success Story #003
Mid-Market Sized Media Company
Entertainment Market Sector

Background: A long-standing media company, this smaller business had enormous potential to grow.  Business leaders wanted the growth, but the company was unstructured to do so. Specifically, the goal was to sell more media with fewer people.  Grow revenue while reducing costs to improve the company’s profitability.

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iBrandGroup Case Study Insurance

Empowering Roles & Responsibilities

Success Story #002
Personal & Commercial Insurance Company
Insurance Market Sector

Background: This customer is a mid-size, multi-location insurance company serving all insurance needs except healthcare. With a partnership split, the remaining owner knew he needed to create a positive and accountable culture within his entire organization in order to grow the business. He knew that changes inside the organization were needed.

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